The Seven Wonders for Increasing your Instagram Engagement

Updated: Jan 3

Instagram for me used to be just a place I could post any old photo without thinking about who might see it, what it might become and how it might develop. I would maybe post once and then not look at it for a month. I’d hardly engage and then decided to set up my own Virtual Assistant and Social Media Business and found out the amount of work needed to boost your business by using social media.

Facebook I can do, I’ve had it for years so I know I've pretty much mastered it now.

From reading social media material, taking courses and listening to podcasts, my knowledge has grown tremendously over the past two years and my client base has increased due to my skills and awareness.

So I’ve come up with the ‘Seven Wonders’ of Instagram for Businesses. This has taken a lot of research and the analytical evidence is really favourable.

1. Switch your Instagram to be a creator or business account

Anyone is able to switch to either of these accounts and it is free. It's also helpful to know what they are if you are just starting out. Creator accounts are generally used for bloggers. Business accounts are basically as it sounds, for businesses, so if you are selling a service, this would be ideal for you. I have a business account. That being said, there isn't really that much difference between the two.

Those with a Creator Account can access daily data on audience growth whereas Business Accounts only give users access to weekly data. With business accounts you can add additional Call-to-Action buttons so that visitors can contact customer service, make reservations and even book appointments. Social Media Scheduling applications like Buffer, Hootsuite and Later are only accessible to Business Accounts. Also if you run advertisements, you need to have a business account.

Creator accounts are good for bloggers and influencers and you can manage your daily stats and get detailed insights into your audience demographics, the best time to post and different metrics. You also get an Inbox separated into three labels, Primary, General and Requests so that you can sort your DMs and take full control on your messages.

To switch your Instagram profile, go onto settings.

2. Algorithms - Don’t try to ‘beat’ the system!

Lots of people talk about trying to ‘beat the algorithm on Instagram’. If this is what you want to do then your strategy will not work. You cannot beat it and you will never win.

You need to learn how to work with the algorithm if you want to succeed on Instagram.